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Learn how to shift your mindset and create a
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Money Mindset

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from giving so much energy to making petence?


with not being able to go on the trips you want, or invest in the things you want?


between the rock of no time and the hard place of not having enough money?


Do you feel like this?

let me guess...

Increase your confidence when speaking about and handling money

Be open to money streams and unblock true financial flow

Build a new money blueprint so you can attract abundance

Transform your relationship with money and remove the money ick

What if, instead, you could...

Feel powerful when pricing your services and raising your fees

Move to a place of clarity for long term success

Money Mindset for Creatives

It's not that you can't make the money you want, it's that you haven't maximized your biggest asset: your mind.

Creates Wealth



for Creative Thinkers

for Creative Thinkers

And You and I are acquainted because you know it's time to make more money and I know you're worthy of it. I started this Elevation Nation movement because once upon some other life I was right where you are: feeling stuck, drained and desperate for change. Sensing somewhere with in that this wasn't all there was.

And so I embarked on the journey of not just my higher self, but my favourite self. And she was serious about bringing in impact-making money. When I understood that my next level wasn't really about the money, it changed everything. As a creative, we're never taught that we have the capacity to have £10k months or £200k years. It's get what you can and be grateful.

What if I told you that as a creative entrepreneur you could triple your income? Or as an artistic service provider you can raise your prices and feel good about it?

I have gone from £1000 to £5k months, from £5k to £12k months. And in my course I'm going to give you the tools to do that and more!

I'm half Visionary coach, half Creative strategist.

I'm Dannielle Rhimes Lecointe

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Here's                What You'll Learn:


Elevate Your Awareness

module 01

Elevate your consciousness and gain a brand new perspective on the financial journey you actually want to be on. In this module, we'll take a deep dive into self-discovery and reveal the blockages that have been repelling money, so that you can expand and shape your money mindset for success.

Rewrite Your Beliefs

module 02

It's time to rewrite the narrative that's been holding you back. Challenge limiting beliefs and craft a new money story that aligns with your ambitions, dreams and desires. Here, we'll transform your mindset by reshaping the beliefs that define your financial reality.

Program Your Mindset

module 03

No more poor thinking, lets program your mind for prosperity. Learn the techniques and strategies to rewire your thoughts about money. This module is your guide to installing a mindset that attracts abundance effortlessly.

Transform Your Money Relationship

module 04

Create a new, positive relationship with money. Break free from the financial ick and the stressful uncertainty as you redefine the way you perceive and interact with your finances. It's time to build a money relationship and that gets you excited!

Build Your Money Atmosphere

module 05

Create an atmosphere of abundance around your life. Discover how to cultivate an environment that fosters financial growth and success. Your surroundings play a crucial role in shaping your money mindset; let's build an atmosphere for prosperity.

Unlock Your Abundant Authority

module 06

Unleash your authority over abundance. Gain the confidence to take control of your financial destiny. This module empowers you to step into a kind of  authority that is rooted in confidence. Claim the prosperity you deserve from a place of knowing that you are deeply worthy of it.

Map Your Financial Desire

module 07

Build a clear path that is connected to your financial desires. Explore your dreams and set tangible, achievable goals. This module is your GPS for success! It will help you unapologetically navigate the landscape of your financial aspirations.

Implement Your Road Map

module 08

It's time to put your financial road map into action. Implement the strategies, habits, and mindset shifts you've cultivated throughout the course. This is where your journey from money mindset transformation to tangible financial success begins.

sounds amazing, i'm in

Which means a completely new foundation and belief system about your capacity to make and grow your money.

a new money blueprint

Self-doubt will evaporate as you continue to lean into these methods. You'll be inspired to make money doing what you love.

confidence to make more

You'll be empowered in your decision making will having a clear focus so that making money is becomes an adventure.

financial clarity

You'll leave
this course

"Doing this work is what I needed to get my head straight. I brought in £32k from funding after deep dive!"


"Dannielle's methods, I can say with confidence work! I know what I will do with my clients will be as powerful and as life changing as this course has been for me."


"I know it's because she had God with her that I'm so impacted. I've realised I can manage my home, family and execute my dreams. My life has completely transformed."


"I've gained the confidence to offer my services at my new increased price! And with no hesitation."


plus, you get

Money Keep-Sheets for long term financial growth

Creatively crafted Money Motivation audios

The Ultimate Create More Money Reading List

Worth £1,000


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