Whether it's coaching or a course, we'll support you on your journey into your next level. Take a look below to see our level up offers.

Coaching & Education

get to your next level

for Creative Entrepreneurs

In the 60-90 minute sprint session, you will have my eyes on your business to help you get clear on the steps to your next level. We’ll deep dive into what you need and build a plan of action to get you there.


60-Minute Elevation Session

we can go over things like...

  • Money Mindset  
  • Brand Strategy 
  • Scaling Your Business
  • Raising your prices
  • Offers & Services
  • Launches
  • Mindset Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Vision Creation

6-month mentorship

This is for you if you know you're ready to make a quick shift in how you show up and make impact in your business. We'll get clear on your desires, map out your short term goals and plan for success.

Starts At £2500

4 Week Clarity Coaching

this 4-Week Clarity mentorship

  • 4 Virtual Sessions
  • Telegram/Voxer Communication
  • V.O.I.C.E Method
  • Mindset Transformation
  • Goal Setting & Success Maping
  • Creative Strategy 
  • Accountability
  • Wealth & Money strategy

Everything previous offers have, just better. This is for you if you know you're ready to make a 3-6 month shift in yourself and your business. We'll dive into your values and desires, map out your long term goals and plan for your highest level of success.

Starts at £6000

Longer Term Coaching

this 3-6-month mentorship includes

  • Bi-weekly Virtual Sessions
  • Telegram Communication
  • Emergency Call
  • Virtual Assistance 
  • Sign Up Gift
  • One In-Person meet up (UK & Europe, additional fee for other places)

courses & education

My DIY transformational money mindset  course will help you make more money and wire your mind for abundance. You'll be empowered to overcome limiting beliefs and shift yourself into an atmosphere wealth.

Creates Abundance

looking to diy?


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Join this life changing community that will help you build clarity about what your big dream is and deepen conviction and courage to bring it into fruition.




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making vulnerability a vibe

In my signature program you'll be equipped as a creator to start, launch and grow your offers or digital products. A bi-monthly coaching call with me and my team plus, a packed members space with courses & programs to help you find your ideal client, grow an audience and make money. 

Means Business

 Desire Extraordinary Brands & Businesses


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scale and elevate