complete alignment?

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What would it look like if you were in

Your business can only grow to the extent that            do.


You were created by the creator to create. It's time to get still and listen deeper. Raise your faith in knowing God has your back and that YOU do too!

deepen your faith

You are you for a reason, and you belong. This isn’t about changing you–it’s about embracing each layer of your being so you can live with more truth and joy.

align your business to your goals

Clarity about this opportunistic time will come with a refreshed compassion for the connections around you and openness for new wonderful relationships to enter your life.

strategize your offers

Our retreats help you... 

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It's time for an Up-Leveling Adventure.

What's Included?

2 Business Strategy Coaching Days

business workshops

Think the ‘Beyonce Boss Lady Business Makeover’ Getting your offers and services in true reflection of your run the world self! It's time to strategise and turn your mind into a money making magnet. 

here's how it all goes down:

1 Success Mapping Day

level up your routines

Routines + Morning Rituals = Results. We're going to carve out exactly what it takes to make your daily life an incubator of progress so that each year brings internal and external success.

Feminine Embodiment Movement

for the soul

Upgrade your confidence and attract abundance with freedom movement, posing with power and Strutting Like A Boss with award-winning Choreographer and CEO Dannielle Rhimes Lecointe. 

Mastermind Encounters

collaborate & connect

Build authentic, deep rooted connection with other women who are as set on going to the next level as you are. Create. Collaborate and Connect.

Wellness Practices & Excursion

for the body & spirit

See your body as your temple with these highest self mental work outs and caring resilient practices. We'll also head off into a courageous adventure of beauty and fun.

Here you are. You've been making money in your business, you've tried the programs, the courses, maybe even hired the team… but you're not quite where you know all that hard work should have put you… I get it. 

I was suffering from multi-faceted business burn out. Doing all the things and still not bringing in the ching ching. But after trial and error of launching things out of alignment and out of what God had put in me, I discovered the art of digging deep to show up big!  

During this retreat I'm bringing you my 20 years of artistic performance experience alongside my 10 years of creative business development. The tools that took me from scraping £5k months to £20k months. 

 Isn't it time to quit playing the same record and finally create your own unique melody? 

I'm Dannielle Rhimes Lecointe

meet your host

more about me

"Dannielle will light a rocket under you. She doesn't let you get away with anything that is below you. She wants you to see you—and the truth is, working with her, you always do.”

—chloe morgan

See the

Teakwood bunk bed is specifically designed with 4 single beds (not small twin beds) each having lockable drawers, privacy curtains, personal universal outlet, and reading light. Inside the room, you would also have a working desk, air-conditioner, and ceiling fan, as well as a shared bathroom with waterfall shower, a vanity, and a hairdryer.

1 room available 4 places

Quad Room

There are 4 levels to our accommodation choices.  Find what feels in alignment with you and what makes you feel most abundant!

Shared suites are equipped with 2 single beds (not small twin beds). The room comes with a patio or balcony overlooking our turquoise pool, working desk, air-conditioner, and ceiling fan, as well as a private bathroom with a waterfall shower, a vanity, and a hairdryer.

3 rooms available

Twin Room


book this room

book this room

Early bird £2695 - pay A 10% Deposit

Early Bird £3605 - Pay A 10% deposit

This private bedroom comes with a patio or balcony facing our turquoise pool and is equipped with a king-sized bed, working desk, air-conditioner, and ceiling fan, as well as a private bathroom with a waterfall shower, a vanity, and a hairdryer.

5 rooms available

Private Room

This room is designed with a floor-to-ceiling big window overlooking our movement shala and lush rice field, giving you a more intimate feeling of being on beautiful island of bali.
The room has a king-sized bed covered by tweakwood overhang, a pool-front balcony, a working desk, an air-conditioner, a cieling fan, and a private bathroom with a waterfall shower, vanity and hairdryer.

1 room available

The Premium Suite

book this room

book this room

resort facilities and extras

  • Massage therapy (Included)
  • All Inclusive Female Empowerment Menu
  • Full scale Gym 
  • Feminine Movement Dance Session
  • In House Cinema Night 
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sauna and Ice Bath 
  • Breath Work Sessions
  • Scooters & Excursion

Early Bird £5005 - pay a 10% Deposit

Early Bird £7350 - Pay A 10% Deposit

alright alright, i am in

Confidence and certainty as you move forward through your life


An illuminated vision for your future to fuel you with inspiration.


A visceral set of skills allowing you to be more present in your journey.


At the end of these 10 days,
you'll walk away with...

get ready for this

Frequently Asked

Transfers from and to I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport. Accommodation, All Meals, 2 Business Coaching Days, Confidence Movement Coaching, All Meals, Resort facilities, Massage Therapy, Excursions. 

What is included?

We will be including an excursion day of fun and adventure. Part of this journey is developing trust and courage. We'll confirm what it is closer to the date.

Will there be any excursions?

Throughout the retreat we'll have coaching and connection all the way through, but our specific days look like 2 full days of business coaching, a movement coaching day and a success planning day. 

How many days of coaching do I get?

All your transfers from and to the airport in Bali is included. We do not include your flights in this retreat.

IS transport included?

Rooms are allocated in accordance with the tier you have booked. We will be holding a virtual session 2 months before the retreat in order for all our clients to meet and set the intention for success. 

How do you allocate sharing rooms?

Yes! We accept payment plans. Once you have paid your deposit, we will get in touch and set up your monthly payment plan and split it across equal amounts. Payments must be paid 60 days (27th January 2025) before the retreat. 

do you do Payment plans?


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the time is now

You are worthy of your

next level.