complete alignment?

Us women are hard wired for deep connection, to others and to ourselves.
In the whirl-wind of life it can be easy to lose sight of our truest desires.

This is a divinely luxurious retreat where you get back to your
truest self and map our your next 12 months. (or the rest of your life)

What would it look like if you were in

Your business can only grow to the extent that            do.


It's time to remember that you were  created by the creator to create. It's time to get still, listen deeper and raised your faith to bring in what isn't yet seen.

deepen your faith

This is where you get to the truth about what you want and how to bring it into your life. No more living mediocre, you were made for the more.

align your Desires to Your life

Clarity comes with a refreshed compassion for who you are and where you want to be. Let's help you map out and strategise exactly what that looks like and how to get there.

strategise your next level

Our retreats help you... 

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It's time for an Up-Leveling Adventure.

Once in a lifetime.

Mindset & Money Coaching


Think ‘Clarity Coaching + Boss Lady Vibes'. Helping you build an unshakable mindset and a route to upgrade your income. We're helping you build a Business in true reflection of your run the world self! It's time to strategise and turn your mind into a money making magnet. 

here's how the sessions go down:

Success Mapping 


Routines + Morning Rituals = Results. We're going to carve out exactly what it takes to make your daily life an incubator of progress so that each year brings internal and external success.

AbunDANCE Flow Session

for YOUR soul

Get into your body with 2 powerful sessions that will ignite your confidence and pull you into the present. In the first session we use the power of the God-given breath to embrace abundance. In the second session we unlock feminine power so that you can show up in any room and own your space.

Mastermind Encounters


Throughout the 7 days, we will have sessions to build authentic, deep rooted connection with like minded women who are as set on going to the next level. Imagine a space of like go-getters who are ready to create, collaborate and connect with you.

Wellbeing & Excursion

for YOUR body & spirit

See your body as your temple with these higher self practices, experiences optional work outs, mental stimulations and massages. We'll also head off into a courageous adventure of beauty and fun, visiting one of Bali's beautiful locations.

Accountability Coaching


Even before we step into this beautiful adventure. You'll have the chance to come into a private accountability group where we'll support and prepare you to get the most out of this once in a lifetime experience. 


Each year, I take the time to invest in a life changing £3K VIP day. And each time I dive deeper into my life and business and how I desire to show up for go getters like you.  

Women who are hard-wired for a deeper connection. Who want to make big impact, make more money and develop real relationships. 

In a world that lives at surface level, constant burn out and scarcity, it's women like us who nurture a higher level of purpose and authenticity.

During this retreat we're going after the kind of mindset & money transformation that attracts the people you desire. Myself and team are bringing you 20 years of artistic performance experience to launch a resilient type of confidence, alongside my 10 years of creative business strategy. The tools that took me from making ends meet, to getting paid from making a higher level of impact!
Sister friend, it's time to play BIG!

I'm Dannielle Rhimes Lecointe

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"Dannielle will light a rocket under you. She doesn't let you get away with anything that is below you. She wants you to see you—and the truth is, working with her, you always do.”

—chloe morgan


Camilla empowers high performers to achieve peak self-confidence, wellbeing, and business success through strategic lifestyle coaching so they don't just smash it in business, but smash it in life too!

As a confidence and lifestyle coach, author, and agency CEO, she brings a unique approach and her methods are designed to seamlessly integrate improvements into her client's busy schedules through her 5 step methodology.

Camilla Collins

That's right, we have guest speakers and trainers up level your support.

Hormone and Life Coach helping you get crystal clear on the life that you desire and start taking steps towards it. Using holistic practices to help you discover the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from your next level and how to dismantle them. 

Darcel will help you replace what doesn't serve you with them most empowering thought processes so that you can become your highest self.You’ll do all this while learning how to integrate nutrition and lifestyle changes that energise you and keep you motivated. Because why shouldn’t you feel good as you move towards the life of your dreams?!

Darcel Osei


See the

Teakwood bunk bed is specifically designed with 4 single beds (not small twin beds) each having lockable drawers, privacy curtains, personal universal outlet, and reading light. Working desk, air-conditioner, and ceiling fan, shared bathroom with waterfall shower, a vanity, and a hairdryer.

1 room available 4x places £1999 PP

Quad Completeness Room

There are 4 levels to our accommodation choices.  Find what feels in alignment with you and what makes you feel most abundant!
(PAY £350 deposit today)

Shared suites are equipped with 2 single beds (not small twin beds). The room comes with a patio or balcony overlooking our turquoise pool, working desk, air-conditioner, and ceiling fan, as well as a private bathroom with a waterfall shower, a vanity, and a hairdryer.

3 Twin rooms available 6x Places £2850 pp

Twin Divine Creation Room


book this room

book this room

This private bedroom comes with a patio or balcony facing our turquoise pool and is equipped with a king-sized bed, working desk, air-conditioner, and ceiling fan, as well as a private bathroom with a waterfall shower, a vanity, and a hairdryer.

5 rooms available 5x places £3900 PP

Private Grace Room

Floor-to-ceiling big window overlooking our movement shala and lush rice field. King-sized bed. Pool-front balcony, working desk, air-conditioner, a ceiling fan, and a private bathroom with a waterfall shower, vanity and hairdryer.
Pre Retreat VIP 1:1 Coaching Session 

1 room available 1x £5997 pp

The Premium Perfection Suite

book this room

book this room

resort facilities and Bonus extras

  • 2x Full Body Massages
  • All Meals on resort site
  • Full Scale Gym & Group Workouts
  • Feminine Movement Dance Sessions
  • In House Movie Night 
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sauna  
  • Breath Work Sessions
  • Scooters For off site
  • Group Excursion & Insurance
  • Movement Studio
  • Premium Suite Only 4 Hour VIP 1:1 Session

"Not only did I birth and clarify my dream, I also gained strategies and the actual steps to make them a reality. I felt heard and seen and pulled up higher. It's so much more than business coaching.”

—Sarah Monique, CEO of Rise Up coaching

I'm Ready for Transformation

Clarity on your offers, services & raising your prices


A clear money map & strategy to hit your financial goals. 


A powerfully transformed thought process to flow in focus.


At the end of these 7 days,
you'll walk away with...

get ready for 7 days of transformation

alright alright, i am in

Heightened faith & trust in who you are & who you are created to be.


A deep awareness of your desires, inspirations and intuitive voice.


A new level of body confidence & mastery of your poise & presence.


Yes! We'll put together a brief pack so we can give you some suggestion on where you could stay.

What is included?

Transfers from and to I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS)  Accommodation, Coaching Days, Confidence Movement Coaching, All Meals, Resort facilities, Massage Therapy, Excursions. 

Frequently Asked

We know flight times can vary from destination to destination. We Ideally want you to be in time for dinner, arriving at the airport no later than 6pm Bali time. We will however get you to the resort no matter what.

What flight times do you recommend?

I want to stay in Bali Longer, any suggestions?

We will be including an excursion day of fun and adventure. Part of this journey is developing trust and courage. We'll confirm what it is closer to the date.

Will there be any excursions?

Throughout the retreat we'll have coaching and connection all the way through, but our specific days look like 3 full days of Mindset & Money coaching, a movement coaching day and a success planning day. 

How many days of coaching do I get?

All your transfers from and to the airport in Bali is included. We do not include your flights in this retreat. Please book your flight to I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS)

IS transport included?

Rooms are allocated in accordance with the tier you have booked. We will be holding a virtual session before the retreat in order for all our clients to meet and set the intention for success. 

How do you allocate sharing rooms?

Yes! We accept payment plans. Once you have paid your deposit, we set up your monthly payment plan and split it across equal amounts. Payments must be paid 60 days (27th January 2025) before the retreat. Want to pay different amounts? No problem we can set it up.

do you do Payment plans?


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transformation starts here

the time is now

You are worthy of your

next level.