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From 9-5 to Living my Life: with Toni Marie-happe

Episode 30

29 min

Living an empowered life with tedX curator Gary Doherty

Episode 37

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What is it to be Stuck in Resistance?

Episode 57


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How Broke People Stay That Way

Episode 56

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6 Ways to Make more money in your life

Episode 33

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Money Mindset: Your Money Blueprint

Episode 38


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How to Capture People on the Gram to grow your biz

Episode 22

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How to use social media for your biz: with Lisa Anne

Episode 35

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Branding Conversations with Meryem Arpaci

Episode 41


15 min

Dancer Gone stuntwoman: with corinne holt

Episode 15

26 min

How Do you know what your purpose is?

Episode 39

16 min

Here's why Creativity is Necessary

Episode 49


The Create & Elevate Podcast is a weekly business podcast from business coach Dannielle Rhimes Lecointe. Join us on the podcast while we help others to find the entrepreneurial balance and still have time for mojitos at the end of the day.

A podcast for forward thinkers building businesses online

I know, I know... it doesn't make "logical" sense but when you deep it; it makes heart-sense. 

I'm simply over here making vulnerability a vibe and showing you exactly what it looks like when you run with all God has given you. 

We talk faith, struggles, money, relationship, creativity...

Years ago I got a word from God that He'd use all my life - the good, the bad and the ugly. Show it to people and make it beautiful. So, I'm literally out here putting my life on blast. 

I'm half Business Coach, half Creative Boss Lady.

I'm Dannielle Rhimes Lecointe

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