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Working 1:1 a deep transformative where we work together intimately on your goals and dreams. This journey of growth often feels right for established freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to hit double figure months.

Can we work together 1:1?

Whilst most sessions are virtual, I often love to incorporate one or more in-person sessions depending on where you are in the world. Working 1:1 allows for adventurous bespoke experiences, your life can be designed how you want it and so why don't we design this!

are your 1:1 coaching packages all virtual?

We currently run one 7-10 day international retreat per year. If you're looking for an immersive growth experience with like minded women who are looking to scale their business, the retreat is right for you. We also host day retreat events called the Empowerment Room as well as business VIP day.

How often do you run retreats and is it right for me?

Depending on how you like to grow and what your goals are will be dependent on what might be right for you. Our courses are all self study, whilst our academy has a mix of self study and live trainings. If you're a growing entrepreneur, our academy is going to be the most fitting for you. If you are wanting to work specifically on money mindset the course is going to support you.

Which program or course is right for me?

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